5 Reasons to Use Promotional Items

5 Reasons to Use Promotional Items

If you run a business, you might wonder if those promotional products that every business seems to be giving out are really worth it. Does a pen from your company really matter to a customer who has pens from a thousand other companies? We recognize your hesitations. But whether you’re a promotional product skeptic, a business deciding whether to continue your promotional item strategy, or a long-time lover of promotional products, these branded items can be a positive choice for your company. Today, we’re giving you 5 reasons that promotional products are worth it for your business.

What is a promotional product?

First, it’s important to understand what a promotional product is. A promotional product is any item that has a company’s name, logo, and/or slogan on it, typically given away for free by the company. You might immediately think of the pen sitting on your desk with your bank’s logo on it, the custom toothbrush from your dentist, or the random magnet from that yard service eternally stuck on your fridge. There are commonly used promotional products, but a promotional product can be anything you can think of. Umbrellas, rulers, mugs, socks, scrunchies, wallets, flashlights—you name it, a promotional product company can do it.

Why use promotional products?

If promotional products just end up being one of the random items in people’s houses worthy of the junk drawer, why even use them? We’ve compiled 5 reasons that promotional products are positively impactful for your company. Spoiler alert: they don’t always end up in the junk drawer. And when they do, it could be a good thing.

#1: Better Brand Recognition

The more people see your brand, the more likely they are to recognize it. Whether it’s a simple reminder that your company exists or a glance that turns into a purchase, promotional items have the power to stick your brand in the mind of anyone who sees them. Sometimes, that’s all it takes for a conversion.

#2: Everyday Exposure—at a one-time cost

A lot of advertisements require temporal and financial resources on a large scale to be successful. Social media advertisements must be designed for an algorithm and boosted with extra money behind them. And you have to keep pumping them out to increase exposure. TV ads require large expenditure to buy time and space between people’s entertainment. Social media, TV, and even billboards (among many other advertising forms) are only seen for a few seconds at a time. Promotional products ensure much more frequent exposure to many more people. If someone wears your t-shirt to the gym because it’s turned into “just a workout shirt” for them, people at the gym see your brand. If a mousepad sits under someone’s mouse, they’re seeing it every time they’re at their computer. Promotional items stick because they can be seen and used over and over again, with no extra work from you.

#3: Better Brand Image

People are constantly spending money. Consumers are always the target of sales tactics, whether it’s by your business or another one. You yourself are part of a market segment (likely several) that a business is targeting as we speak. The constant influx of advertisements and new products can be overwhelming and desensitizing to consumers. As a brand, giving your customers something they can keep (for free!!) can take away some of the pressure of constant ads and build trust with your consumer base. After all, you’re constantly asking your customers to give you more—more time, more money. Why not give them something in return? It’s a sales tactic that feels a whole lot less sales-y.

#4: Promotional Products Can Be Useful (if you do it right)

Your promotional products can actually help your customers! If you’re helping them for something that is not even related to what you do as a business, they’re more likely to think of you first when they need help for something that is your expertise. For example, imagine you have a flooring company. You give out umbrellas with your logo and name on them to customers as a gift. Someone accompanied a client to a meeting and ended up getting an umbrella, too. Later that year, that person is replacing their hardwood floor and trying to figure out what company to use. One day, it starts raining really hard. Luckily, they have an umbrella that’s been sitting in their car for awhile. They pull it out to use and notice your branding, and call you right away. Think this is an oddly specific, unlikely scenario? Think again. People love receiving items that they can use, and if they associate it with your company, they’ll likely use your company, too. Of course, even if you don’t get anything out of it, sometimes it’s just nice to give people something useful in a world where junk drawers are always full.

#5: People See Your Brand & Use Your Brand

Unlike some other forms of advertisements, people can actually use promotional products. And every time they use them, you get exposure (see #1 and #2). Think about the pens that fill up the pen holder on your desk. Are any of them branded by a company you use? You may not think about the brand every single time you use the pen, but most people can identify at least some of the branded items laying around their house. Using a branded item solidifies the brand in the minds of the user more than just seeing it.

Where do I start?

Promotional products are not mere trinkets destined for the forgotten corners of junk drawers. They wield a unique power to enhance your brand's visibility, foster better relationships with customers, and defy the conventional boundaries of advertising. From the everyday exposure of a well-placed logo on a t-shirt to the unexpected utility of a branded item like an umbrella, the impact of promotional products goes beyond fleeting impressions.

So, whether you're a skeptic cautiously eyeing the clutter of branded items or a seasoned advocate of promotional strategies, remember that when done right, these items can be more than just giveaways—they can be the catalysts for lasting brand loyalty. Embrace the potential of promotional products, explore unconventional avenues, and let your brand leave an indelible mark on the minds of your audience. After all, in the dynamic world of marketing, the unconventional often paves the way for the truly memorable.

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