Retail vs Promo Items: Why We Love Both

Retail vs Promo Items: Why We Love Both

Many of our local customers know us for our retail business. It's what you see in our store windows and what you shop online. However, we didn't start as a retail business. In fact, we never really expected to make our way into retail! We started as a promotional items company, and that is still the largest part of our business. But as we created more and more custom spirit wear, the opportunity for retail presented itself and we decided to expand into the retail industry! Today's blog walks through key differences between our retail sector and our promotional item sector, and talks about why both are valuable to us and our customers. 

Our retail segment predominantly features school spirit wear, and as of right now our biggest sections are Brownsburg and St. Malachy. We love celebrating our local schools! On the other hand, our promotional items encompass a diverse array of corporate merchandise and custom orders, tailored to augment brand visibility and foster client relationships. While retail spirit wear and promo items may seem like completely different businesses at first glance, they are, in fact, integral components of a cohesive brand strategy.

Retail merchandise serves as a connection to both the community and the individual. Our collection of school spirit wear embodies the very spirit of community, enabling students, alumni, and supporters to outwardly display their affiliation with pride. From vibrant hoodies adorned with team logos to sleek caps embellished with school insignias, each item serves as a conduit for personal expression, fostering a sense of unity and shared identity among wearers. Retail also allows us to connect with the individual customer. This customer might not have their own business and may have no need for promotional items. Retail allows us to use our skillsets to reach an entirely new segment of consumers while maintaining the core function of our business. 

In contrast, promotional items assume a more strategic role, functioning as brand ambassadors that extend the reach of our business beyond the walls of our retail space. Whether it's a branded pen distributed at a corporate event or a customized tote bag gifted to valued clients, promo items serve as tangible touch points that reinforce brand recall. By leveraging the power of customization and personalization, we empower businesses to imprint their identity onto everyday objects, transforming mundane items into powerful vehicles for brand messaging. We use similar strategies of design and printing as we do for retail, but promo items tend to reach more people. The primary target market for our promo items is businesses.

While retail merchandise and promotional items cater to different audiences and objectives, they both serve vital roles in our business. By recognizing the unique role that each segment plays in shaping brand identity and fostering consumer loyalty, we unlock the full potential of our business to serve all members of our community in all different situations.

If you're looking for spirit wear, visit our retail store or shop online at And if you own a business and need promo items, email us at We can make your vision come to life, or we can help create your vision from the ground up!